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Therapy Options

What might you be looking for?

Weekly, short or long term, face to face therapy is the framework of what is traditionaly on offer. In this modern world that's not always possible, so sessions can be tailored to suit your needs. Our initial consultation will help you understand what you're looking for and provide a structure that understands the demands of everyday life and realistic schedules.

Short Term Therapy

Short Term therapy, also referred to as Time Limited Therapy. It allows specific issues to be addressed from the outset. Using a client led approach with more intervention from the therapist. 
Utilising a typical 12 week structure with a goal in mind.

Psychologist Session
Therapy Office

Long Term Therapy

Long term therapy can sometimes be referred to as open ended therapy. It normal suits those who have more complex issues. It honours a more client led approach, enabling exploration of the feelings in the here and now at a slower pace. Addressing the cause of symptoms without the added pressures of time.


Guided Meditation

Experience a transformative hour of guided meditation in a safe and nurturing space for you to detach from the outside world and connect with yourself. Bring your yoga mat, a cozy blanket, a pen, and a journal, and be prepared to take the time you need. This isn't just a meditation session, it's an opportunity to explore and embrace your inner self.

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